20 Unique Print Options Available !

Please click on one of the links to open the sample report document:

1. Aura Photo Headshot 
postcard size 

2. Aura Chakra Photo 
postcard size 

3. Aura-In-Motion Screen
postcard size 

aurachakraphoto_sample.jpg (55886 bytes)

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auraphoto_headshot_sample.jpg (51350 bytes)

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aura_in_motion_screen_sample.jpg (48715 bytes)
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4. - 12. Sample Aura Chakra Report
up to 22 page in letter size

aura4e_300pxl.jpg (54550 bytes)

Arabic Finnish Hebrew Polish
Chinese French Italian Portuguese
Czech German Japanese Romanian
Dutch Greek Latvian Russian
English Hungarian Lithuanian Spanish

You can select from 8 different print options, printing only 2 pages up to the full Aura Chakra Report with 23 pages.

13. Aura Photo & Graphs 
postcard size 

14. Aura Chakra Photo 
plus all Graphs

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15. Aura, Chakra & 
Biodata Graphs

postcard size 

aura9e.jpg (169929 bytes)
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aura8e.jpg (174983 bytes)
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aura7e.jpg (148298 bytes)
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plus 5 Manual Printout Options

The manual print option will allow you view each report before your print, and
to edit and customize your Aura Photo and Aura Chakra Report.

  • To view the SAMPLE AURA REPORTS ONLINE (PDF), you need to have the software ACROBAT READER installed. Most Computers do have it installed already. 

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